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Kerala Houseboat Prices

The single most annoying aspect of booking a houseboat is the haggling over the price and the lack of transparency over what is included and not included (usually on the quiet)!

If you have been browsing through the many different and also seemingly identical sites that owners publish, you will note that prices are hard to find and difficult to interpret. You are not the only annoyed people!

We have simplefied pricing and made it more transparent so you can search for a date for a boat and a duration (like 1 night) and then discover the final price which includes taxes, food, etc. That's the deal!

Prices are quoted per boat rather than per person. Each boat will have one or more cabins that are arranged with double beds. The reason boats don't have twin beds is the lack of space. A few boats have some family arrangements as well.


Houseboats operate around a set of seasons which we have listed and explained below:

Low Season April - End of September Cheapest season during heat & monsoon
Shoulder Seasons October-mid December, Jan - March Popular, good weather and prices rise
High/Peak Mid-December - Early January Prices very high, availability low: Owners make hay!

Prices will vary according to your dates.

Prices can get quoted in various currencies, but at the end of the day they are always based on a base rate of Indian Rupees and most owners insist on being paid the correct amount in Rupees even if they quoted you pounds sterling or US Dollars.

House Boat Types

There are really three types of boats available: Standard/Budget, Superior & Luxury.

You will find these named in different ways and many operators try it on by rebranding their superior boats as Deluxe because they know that is what you want to hear and will pay for. 

The standard configuration of the boat is a day cabin in the bows (front), dining table behind, then cabins with the galley (kitchen) in the stern. Some boats have a day cabin on a mezzanine level which has advantages and disadvantages. 

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