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Traditional Luxury Kerala Houseboat for 2

Lovely, simple houseboat built around traditional small hull with emphasis on minimising ecological footprint. Excellent crew, boutique design.


  • Traditional Style with contemporary service
  • The closest example of the traditional houseboat
  • Eschews bling for calm

The Kerala houseboats have become ever more luxurious and dare we say, shiny. These boats eschew the 5 star design touches for a more boutique feel of traditional materials that we combine with excellent service and food. We have deliberately created slightly smaller boats so we can explore deeper into the backwaters where the larger boats cannot cruise. Likewise the overall feel of the boat is more intimate which is perfect for the family group or honeymoon couple looking for romance.

Most of the new houseboats have enlarged the hull and introduced all manner of mod cons. Not here: this is the traditional sized kettuvallom and the style has been kept to a minimum using only traditional and natural materials. If you want to experience the most classic houseboat and have a minimum impact on the ecology. This boat is for you!


With a few tweaks to the hull, partitioned bedrooms and all the modern conveniences added. Our cabins contain a double bed and ensuite shower room and WC. The cabin has night time AC. If you are using the AC, then the windows are closed, if you choose to fan instead and use the night breeze, the windows are covered with a fine mesh to thwart the Kerala critters from disturbing you.


Your meals are prepared by your boatmen in their traditional manner. In other words, lots of fresh flavours and a minimum of fuss. It is the very same food which they eat, made with tangy spices and with a lot of coconut. The fish was probably caught while you were sleeping, then marinated in red chilies, ginger and lime, before being grilled. Accompaniments may include lentils and gourd cooked with fresh pepper and mustard seeds, served with greens handpicked from the little markets that dot the canals. And (we need hardly add), lots of steaming bowls of rice.


There are no noisy diesel generators on board a Spice Boat. Electric power is courtesy the solar panels affixed to the roof. The soft putting you hear is the sound of the outboard motor running on vegetable oil, a safer alternative fuel. Measures like these minimise our impact on the ecosystem of the backwaters.

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